What is Reformer?

All of our pilates classes are undertaken on resistance machines known as the “Reformer”.
The Reformer equipment provides resistance with springs, cardio jump boards and straps and is challenging yet controlled to ensure your body achieves an invigorating total body workout.
The machines are customised to individuals by increasing the resistance depending on your current physical fitness. Reformer class is the best way to develop optimal core strength and flat abs. You will gain strong lean thighs and arms without bulking up.

Benefits include:

⦁ Increasing strength & flexibility (longer & leaner muscles)
⦁ Improving postural problems
⦁ Body awareness & self-correction

The basic prinipals of Reformer Class that you will learn:


We have 5 reformers in total keeping the classes small enough so each individual can still have the attention they need but in a group environment.
We are very passionate about preventing injury and helping clients through their recovery period after injury & the reformer is a fantastic way to regain strength while helping to prevent injuries in the future.

What is Clinical Pilates?
Clinical is a term made up by Physiotherapists who incorporate traditional Pilates equipment including Reformer to re-habilitate one specific injury.
A Group Reformer class is designed to give you a head to toe full body workout!
Reformer pilates is based around the core principles founded by Joseph Pilates. Our Instructors are NPT Certified in The Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and Full members of PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia).