Classes & Pricing

Casual Reformer$33
5 Pack Reformer$155
10 Pack Reformer$290

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This is a once off class to learn the basic foundations of any Pilates class. You will learn the Pilates way of Breathing to assist your movement, how to start to lengthen your spine and Precise start positions for correcting your body aligment. You will get a basic grasp of the cues and techniques used by your instructor.

This Class will introduce you to the Pilates Principals that will be taken into every class that follows. You will also get to feel the basic mechanics of the wonderful Reformer! How to hold your straps, how to get into legs in straps, and how to ajust springs as we go..


Experience the super awesome Pilates reformer in a group class setting. Small classes of just 5 to ensure you get the right amount of attention and correction during your exercise. Appropriate modifications are given to either challenge you further with your Pilates training or to accommodate muscle imbalances and postural problems. Small props such as resistance bands, toning balls, the Pilates circle, ankle weights, and half rollers may be used to increase the challenge further.

The jump board is an amazing add on to the Reformer that allows you to get the sensation of jumping whilst lying down or kneeling. You have to try this for yourself to experience the amazing cardio, strength, stamina, and alignment benefits the jump board will bring to your week! All of our classes are run by Certified Pilates Instructors who have undergone extensive training on all Pilates equipment to ensure you get the most out of your Pilates exercises, as well as safe and appropriate modifications to suit your bio-mechanical needs.